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26 Aug 2021

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Both offer similar features in each of their respective applications, with additional features in the more expensive plans. If you run or work in accounting at a medium, large, or growing business that sells inventory and needs a comprehensive and customizable accounting solution, QuickBooks has you covered. QuickBooks also caters to big businesses that sell a lot of products with its inventory features. It sends restock notifications when stock is low, enables you to set pricing rules, and even provides reports presenting your best-selling items. FreshBooks’ inventory features are more limited, though it does automatically update your stock using data from invoices. Meanwhile, QuickBooks only offers time tracking with an upgrade to QuickBooks Time Premium (priced at $20 per month, with an extra $8 for every additional user). That said, the bonus features that come with QuickBooks Time, such as employee GPS tracking and simple switching between projects, are more advanced.

Which is better QuickBooks Online or self employed?

Cost – QuickBooks Online has a higher monthly premium (view details below) Reporting – Quickbooks Self-Employed only provides P&L statements, while Quickbooks Online facilitates more advanced reporting. Mileage – Only Quickbooks Self-Employed is designed to track mileage.

Check out our growing YouTube channel where we go deeper into the digital tools and share more of our personal experiences growing our businesses. In order to determine what best suits your needs, I suggest that you make a list of all the needs your business requires. Then review the services provided by Freshbooks and Quickbooks to see which one can meet your expectations and at what cost. From there, you can drill down your decision making in order to determine which one will meet your needs at the best value. Every business has its own needs and expectations when it comes to service and price.

Applying Late Fees using FreshBooks vs QuickBooks

If comfortable connecting your bank account to your accounting software, then you might consider FreshBooks. However, if you want the option not to connect your account―probably due to security reasons―then you should consider QuickBooks. You’ll also likely prefer QuickBooks if your business relies heavily on paying vendors and employees by check as it can record and print checks. The biggest difference between FreshBooks and QuickBooks is inventory accounting where QuickBooks is very strong but FreshBooks has virtually no functionality. Also, QuickBooks is much better with banking features, such as reconciliation and printing checks.

  • Despite all of QuickBooks’ advanced features, the platform does a good job with user-friendliness.
  • Further, the “Pay Now” option makes receiving payments easier and saves time.
  • While both FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online offer rich accounting features, they have significant differences and are built for unique business purposes.
  • Not only can you see when they open up the invoice, but your client can also pay what they owe directly from the email.
  • This company, founded in 2003, offers solutions that appeal more to entrepreneurs or small teams who want to spend less time managing their accounting.

For only $15 a Quickbooks Self Employed Vs Freshbooks , you can gain access to all their fundamental features. What’s great about FreshBooks vs QuickBooks is that it guarantees security while being incredibly easy to use, so you don’t end up compromising anything whenever you send an invoice.

How much does FreshBooks cost?

If you are a new business owner and never used accounting software in your life, then Freshbooks can offer you an easier and more user-friendly user interface. Quickbooks indeed has loads of features and tools that can help you in finance management, but many of these functions are not available in the base plan of the software. This means to fully utilize all the features of Quickbooks, you must buy a premium plan that unlocks more features and tools. Quickbooks is cloud-based software, which means all your accounting is organized on a cloud platform. What’s more, this allows you to track your sales, create invoices and analyze your business performance at any time.


While both QuickBooks and FreshBooks offer similar accounting services, each has its own strengths. If you sell products, online or in-person, and want accounting software that will grow as your business grows, QuickBooks may be a better fit. On the other hand, if you are a solopreneur or freelancer and want to track time spent on a project, FreshBooks is better aligned with your needs. FreshBooks offers invoicing, time and expense tracking, simple project management and a wide range of general accounting applications all in one easy-to-use desktop and mobile interface. With FreshBooks Lite (priced at $15 per month), you can track time both live and retroactively and bill clients for accrued time. The FreshBooks app is also really convenient for on-the-move freelancers by offering mobile time tracking, invoicing, and expense management. If you’re a small business or a solopreneur whose primary focus is to track project profitability and you’re comfortable connecting your bank account, then FreshBooks is for you.

Comparing Quickbooks & Freshbooks

You won’t find advanced capabilities like time tracking and inventory management. Since it has more features than what you’ll find QuickBooks SE or FreshBooks, it can seem a little more complicated to get started. But when you take the time to fully set the program up, you don’t have to worry about missing information. Their invoicing, and expense tracking features are easy to use and convenient. They also have an added time tracking feature that allows you to track the time spent on each project. This is especially helpful for freelancers and single-person business owners. For instance, say your company does a lot of business with numerous clients and is looking for an economical option to help them manage their invoices and collect payments.

Is FreshBooks compatible with QuickBooks?

Use FreshBooks Connector to connect QuickBooks Online with FreshBooks and you will never manually enter data again, saving you hours every day! FreshBooks Connector will automatically: Create an invoice in QuickBooks Online when an invoice is created in FreshBooks.

FreshBooks has a fantastic feature set for small businesses, but when your business grows, you may need to switch tools. You can also add payroll to any plan as an add-on, which costs between $45 + $4/employee/month to $125 + $10/employee/month depending on the functionality you need. Invoicing is something that most people would never need for personal accounting software, so FreshBooks will be a no-go for most. Using QuickBooks Self Employed as personal accounting software is doable . For example, there are no categories for things such as groceries stores and medical bills on either platform. This is because these aren’t business-related tax categories, and therefore neither of these products will categorize such income accordingly. As you can see below, the main page if their mobile app is very similar in layout to the way QuickBooks does it.

Best Accounting Software for Freelancers with International Clients: SlickPie

QuickBooks also lets you accept Credit Card and ACH payments directly from your invoice. Their free credit card reader also means you can accept payments from your clients in person.

  • With QuickBooks, the reports available to you depend on your plan.
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  • In such cases using software like Freshbooks is more convenient and logical.
  • If you sell products, online or in-person, and want accounting software that will grow as your business grows, QuickBooks may be a better fit.

If you want features like inventory tracking and running advanced reports then Quickbooks should be your choice. A disadvantage of the lite plan is the maximum number of billable clients. The lite plan only allows you to manage and invoice a maximum of 5 billable clients. This is their base plan and it comes with most of the features that you would require to run a business. The user interface of Freshbooks also attracts more small businesses and freelancers. Around 20% of Freshbooks users are in self-employed fields like marketing and freelancing. Contrary to the majority of Quickbooks users being accountants.



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